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By | September 29, 2010

Dear Ms. Tanya Petterson,

This is to formalize my intent to resign from the company’s roster of writers. We have discussed my plan to resign a couple of weeks ago for a number of reasons.

I truly value the lessons that the company has taught me. while I enjoy writing for the web like what we do, I am more inclined in writing news articles for newspapers. Thus, I cannot let go of another great opportunity to practice what I really loved doing. This is not to say that web content writing does not interest me anymore. However, I needed to make a choice. I will be forever thankful of the insights I gained while inside the company–the brand of professionalism that you, my boss, has instilled.

I hope you understand my decision to leave the company. I wish the company all the best in all of its endeavors.

Respectfully yours,

Laika Richards



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