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By | November 3, 2010

Ms. Martha Industries

5432, Wilkinson Street


Dear Well Wisher:

Our group – Marathon Relief Camps – have successfully crossed 6 years of operation in providing relief measures to the people affected by quakes, tsunami, floods caused by natural calamities almost every year at one corner of the world.

Last year, during the great earth quake occurred in Iraq, we played a major significant role by providing hospitalization and medical facilities by setting up the camps near the calamity site to many people who were caught unaware by the earthquake and saved thousands of lives.

It is our earnest desire to continue our activities in the years to come and we seek benevolent people and organizations like yours to join our force to strengthen our hands to provide relieves to many more people. Our appeals to the Government have fallen on deaf ears and hence, we approach you with begging bowl seeking your valuable contributions in the form of money, clothes, medical surgical items which will become useful at the time of need which may arise any moment.

Please let us know when we could depute our executive to your office to collect the aforesaid material.

Thank you

Very truly yours


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