Third Notice Letter in a Standard Series

By | November 3, 2010

Mr John Fitzgerald


JF Industries


Mr John

Your payment of GBP 2000 for our bill of March 2010

Please note that during the last six months, we have time and again been requesting your settlement of our captioned bill, over the phone, email besides personal visits by our representatives but every time you have been coming out with some lame reasons and have been quietly delaying the settlement.

We regret to note your attitude and are compelled to inform you that if we do not receive your payment within a week hereof, we shall be compelled to initiate appropriate action you may have to regret later and hence you are advised in your own interest to settle the same immediately on receipt of this final reminder. Hereafter, no further communication whatsoever will follow but only direct action which may please be noted.

Looking forward to an amicable settlement.

Sincerely yours

James Smith


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