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By | November 3, 2010

M/s. Albert Engineering Co.,
2092, Wilkinson street,
Off Haddows Road,                                                                                                                                              Nottingham NG54GB
Dear Mr Albert

Thank You for Your Business!
I am sending this letter to express my sincere appreciation to you for your continued patronage of our product for the third year in succession. At European Industries, we are well aware that it is repeat customers like you who are largely responsible for 2009 being the best sales year in our 18 year history.

To say thank you in a more concrete way, we would ask you to drop into the main store on Kirby Avenue before the end of February 2011 to pick up your free gift. We have managed to acquire a supply of hand crafted cedar boot racks for a few of our very special customers and we would like you to have one. In fact, we have one reserved in your name until the end of February with no strings attached.

In addition, we are also offering an exclusive financing package to only our best and most appreciated customers during that same period. Since you are included in that category, we are offering you zero down payment, with zero financing charges for the entire first year of ownership of any furniture purchase you make valued over GBP1,000 during the month of February.

We are happy to have served you well in the past and we look forward to continuing to provide your office and home furnishing requirements in the future.

When you come to the main store during February to pick up your gift, please feel free to call at my showroom and say hello. I look forward to seeing you.

Yours with thanks,
Rachel Blaktaker
General Manager

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