Thank You Recommendation Letter Template

By | August 22, 2012


_________________________ [name of the recipient]

_________________________ [title of the recipient]

_________________________ [organisation/company/institute name of the recipient]

_________________________ [official address of the recipient]

Date: __/__/__ [dd/mm/yy]

Subject: Thank you for your valuable recommendation

Respected ____________ [write the proper salutation]

I, _________________ [write the name of the sender] am writing this letter to you to extend my gratitude for writing a recommendation for me to _____________ [mention the name of the person or company to which letter of recommendation was written by the recipient]. The letter of recommendation written by you was very valuable for me because _________________ [mention the reason why the recommendation was important for the sender]. I have been interested in ____________ [mention the course/job for which the letter of recommendation was written] for ________ [mention the time period] and because of you now I have the possibility of getting it.

I am extremely thankful that you _______________ [mention in detail why the sender wishes to thank the recipient] because it will help me to reach my goal of _____________ [mention the goal of the sender]. I am very obliged and will always remember this favour from you side.

Thanking you again,

Yours faithfully

______________________ [mention the name of the sender]

______________________ [contact number]

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