Termination Letter Templates

By | July 9, 2012

Termination letters are usually associated with grim, grave situations with its reputation of being the harbinger of bad news.  Thus, while offer letters and acceptance letters might be easy to compose, documenting a termination letter can prove to be an extremely tricky task. Be it terminating the job of an employee or terminating a contract with an ally, informing the respective person about the situation can push the assigned person out of his comfort zone. However, though uncomfortable, it undeniably remains an important task as the information if not conveyed accurately or explained properly might lead to severe misunderstanding, bringing in further trouble for the decision maker.

Termination letter templates make this job easier by providing the informant a pre-designed format that contains the basic outline of a termination letter and with proper delineation and customization can develop to be a perfect termination letter. This not only saves the concerned person from the discomforting situation of composing the termination letter but also saves time and energy through its customizable and reusable attributes. While the content of a termination letter may vary in correspondence with one’s purpose, the basic structure remains the same for all templates. Following are a few points worth considering while drafting a termination letter template:

  • The template must bear proper lineation for inserting detailed information about the addressee, the designation held and the contributions made while their stint with the informant.
  • The template must have ample provision for inserting detailed explanation about the reason behind the termination. This should be worded carefully respecting the addressee’s right to information.
  • The language of the template must be kind and the content worded carefully.

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