Tender Resignation Letter Template

By | August 22, 2012


_________________________ [name of the recipient]

_________________________ [job title of the recipient]

_________________________ [organisation name of the recipient]

_________________________ [official address of the recipient]

Date: __/__/__ [dd/mm/yy]

Subject: tender resignation letter

Respected ____________ [mention the name of the recipient]

I, _________________ [write the name of the sender] am writing this letter to you to ________________ [mention the exact reason of writing the letter]. I have to terminate the tender ____________ [mention the name/code or other details of the tender] because ____________ [mention the reason for termination of tender]. This tender was commenced and put into existence on __________ [mention the date of commencement of tender term] and must be withdrawn on ___________ [mention the date of withdrawal of tender]. Hence please revert back to me with your consent about the tender resignation before __________ [mention a suitable date].

I am willing to make payment for unprecedented tender resignation and can pay a sum of ___ [mention the payment amount that the sender is willing to pay]. If you have any other details to discuss, then please feel free to contact me at ____________ [mention the contact details of the sender].

Hope you will cooperate,

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

______________________ [mention the name of the sender]

______________________ [contact number of the sender]

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