Tax Return Letter Template

By | September 29, 2010

Joanne Marquez

Consuelo Apt. # 62B

Calle Juan

B913AAM Federal Building


Date: 12-02-2010

Subject:    Claim for Income Tax Return

Dear Madam Marquez:

NI No: AC 34 56 89 DC

Tax reference: 889/C3467

Employer: Joanne Marquez

Employee’s reference: C6754

This letter is to inform you that I, Clarence Esquito, a member of the professional association of Peru Psychological Community (PPC), have claimed for the income tax relief as granted by the Income Tax Relief program of Calle Juan, Peru.

Our Human Resources Department had duly informed and advised me that I completed the self- assessment tax form and I am now legible to claim for the tax return.  With this, I am writing you directly to ask for your assistance.

My payment for the annual fee since 2005 is:

2005 – $ 90.00 (Regular Rate)

2004 – $ 80.00 (Regular Rate)

2003 – $ 70.00 (reduced Membership Rate)

I am looking forward for your favorable reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Clarence Esquito

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