Tax Return Engagement Letter Template

By | September 29, 2010

Jonathan Abenson

Wealthy Street

New York, NY

Subject:  Preparation of individual Tax Returns

Dear Mr. Abenson:

We are confirming the terms and conditions as well as the coverage of our services through this letter of Tax Return.  We will start work immediately and prepare all necessary audits and other financial services for the computation and completion of your income tax returns.

We are enclosing a checklist that will help you look into the necessary papers and gather pertinent data. The checklist will you help ensure that all necessary documents are in place.  Also, it will help you avoid missing important information that can contribute to the completion of financial returns.

All the documents and even cancelled checks are necessary as this will help us support the reported income and its necessary deductions.  Please also include other data which you think will be necessary since the tax legislations imposed penalties of $ 1,500 for non-compliance and non-disclosure of transactions.  We want to avoid unnecessary penalties especially that many taxpayers underestimate their tax liability.

If you confirm this letter, please sign the enclosed copy and mail it back to us.


John Cruise

Financial Consultant

Audit & Statement Co.

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