Tax Representation Letter Template

By | September 29, 2010


J.J. Robert Financial Management & Services

Howard Stone Building

Miller Blvd., CA

Dear Sir,

This letter is to acknowledge the responsibility of overseeing the preparation of all financial statements of the Co. & Co. under the Companies Act of 1965.  This representation letter informs your office that our company will be responsible in the on-time submission and compliance of all financial audits and statements for the year ending and by taking into consideration the Accounting Standards issued by the State Institute of Licensed Accountants.

Thus, the Accounting Standards provides that all income tax includes current taxes.  The current taxes are also considered as deferred taxes that will be used for unforeseen uncertainties in the future and its calculation will be at end of the year.

More so, Co. & Co. also obtained certification and registration as a Preferred Financial Institution given by the State Federal Reserve. This is also to inform you that Co. & Co. has no disputes in income tax, sales tax, wealth tax and other taxes covered under the State Taxes Standards.

Yours faithfully,

Chief Executive Officer

Co. & Co.

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