Tax Repayment Letter Template

By | October 20, 2012


________________ [enter the name of the recipient here]

________________ [enter the job position of the recipient here]

________________ [enter the department name]

_________________ [enter the official address of the recipient]

Date: ___________ [here, write the date on which letter was written]

Subject:  tax repayment letter

Respected _______________ [mention the name of the recipient here]

I, _________ [give the name of the sender here] am writing this letter to inform you that ____________ [mention the reason for writing this letter]. I wish to make a repayment of the ________ [enter the category of tax] tax. I made the earlier tax payment on _______ [enter the date of earlier tax payment in dd/mm/yy format] and wish to repay it due to __________ [enter the reason for repayment of the tax]. Your department in the tax office had sent me a letter regarding the repayment and it is in reply to that letter that I am making this payment.

The tax repayment will be made by me on _______ [mention the date of tax repayment] and would reach you by __________ [mention the date or time]. I hope that _________ [enter the relevant information].

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

______________ [give the name/signature of sender]

______________ [official address of the sender]

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