Tax Exempt Letter Template

By | September 29, 2010

Date: March 23rd 2009

Internal Revenue Department

Bulky Road, Wide Island

Washington, Washington


Dear Applicant:

Employer Id: AG675-C564

DLN: 1786590

Contact Person: Jasmine Triason

Contact No : s (806) 867- 1002

Public Charity Status: 146 (c) (V) (xix)

The letter you forwarded to my office dated February 12th 2009, states that your organization qualifies and falls under the public charity institution as governed by the Tax-Exempt Organization Law of Washington.  With this, you are asking to avail the tax-exempt benefits under section 98C of the Internal Revenue Code.

The supported documents and records for the past few months in operation proved to be an important factor that led me to determine that your organization falls under the tax-exempt organization in accordance with the law.  Thus, we approve your application as a charity institution and you will enjoy the tax-exempted benefits.

We will soon publish the announcement of duties and responsibilities of tax-exempt organizations or you may visit our website for further reference.

Treat this letter as confidential.


John Morris

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