Tax Engagement Letter Template

By | September 29, 2010

Lower Manhattan Association

76H8 E. Bulk Ave,

Sandy Vegas, SV00011

Miguel Escueta

87H, Bulky Ave., Unit 0095

Sandy Vegas, SV-00011

Dear Mr. Escueta,

We would like to extend our appreciation for choosing Lower Manhattan Association to help you in the filling of taxes and reviewing related tax problems. This letter bears the terms of our agreement along with the scope of services and our length of service.

We will take care of all your income tax processes yet, we will be needing your assistance in the completion of documents and other necessary receipts.  The documents and other related finacial receipts including bouncing checks, closed bank accounts, etc. will help us complete your financial records and submit a sound financial statement.

More so, to help you complete and look for the financial documents, we attached a checklist for your reference.  The checklist also serves as an ‘organizer’ that lists all information and data that we will need.  We will retain copies of your record within three years.

For your acceptance of our terms of reference, please affix your signature in the space provided.


Kalel Luther                                                                  Miguel Escueta (Manager)                                                                            (Client)

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