Supplier Termination Letter Template

By | November 8, 2012


________________ [name of the addressee]

________________ [designation/title of the addressee]

________________ [company name of the addressee]

________________ [official address of the addressee]

Date: ___________ [enter current date in dd/mm/yy form]

Subject:  supplier termination letter

Dear _______________ [write name of the addressee here]

I, _________ [here, the name of the sender has to be entered] the ____________ [enter the job position of the sender] of ________________ [enter the name of the organization here] write this letter to inform you about________________ [enter the reason for writing the letter]. We have decided to terminate supplier agreement because ______________ [mention the reason for supplier termination] and it shall come into effect from ___________ [mention the effective date of termination of supplier]. You have been a supplier of ___________ [mention the goods/commodities supplied by the addressee to the sender] to our company since __________ [mention the year] and our association has been ___________ [mention the kind of association between the sender and addressee].

From now onwards, ____________ [mention the relevant information] and we shall not be in need of any products supplied by you. Hope you understand our reason and maintain a cordial relationship with us.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

______________ [sender’s signature]

______________ [organization’s name]

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