Sales Tax Exemption Letter Template

By | October 25, 2012


________________ [write the name of the addressee]

________________ [write the title of the addressee]

________________ [write the company name of the addressee]

________________ [write the official address of addressee]

Date: ___________ [enter current date in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject:  sales tax exemption letter

Respected _______________ [give the salutation of letter here]

I, _________ [write name of the person writing this sales tax exemption letter], the __________ [write the job title of the sender in the organization] working at ___________ [write the name of the organization or government body] am taking this opportunity to inform you that ____________ [write  the reason of writing the letter]. You have been exempted from sales tax for a period of ________ [write the time period] which shall commence from ___________ [write the commencement date]. The reason for sales tax exemption provided to you is ________ [write the reason why the addressee has been exempted from sales tax].

We, ___________ [write name of the organization/body] are ___________ [give a brief description of the sender’s organization] and are aimed to provide sales exemption to people because ____________ [write the relevant reason]. We hope that you will comply by the policies and rules and __________ [write relevant information].

Thanking you

______________ [give name of the person sending the letter to recipient]

______________ [designation]

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