___________________ [name of the recipient]

__________________ [Street address of residence of the recipient]

__________________ [city and state name and post code]

Dear ___________________ [first name of the recipient],

This letter is in regards to your retirement from the position of __________________ [designation from which the recipient retired] from _______________________ [name of the organization from which the recipient retired] on ________________ [date of retirement]. I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of your retirement.

You have been working in this organization since _______________ [total number of years worked in the organization from which the recipient is retiring]. Now that you have retired you should spend your time _________________________ [mention in details the post retirement plans of the recipient].

I hope you have an enjoyable time after your retirement and wishing you a healthy and prosperous future ahead. Once again many congratulations to you.


_____________ [name of the sender]




Retirement Letters

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