Resignation Letter Templates

By | January 26, 2012

Resignation letter templates are pre-built layouts created for the convenience of anyone who may consider resigning from a job. The following suggestions may come in handy for documenting such a letter.

  • The top left corner must bear space for incorporating the name and contact information of the sender as well as of the recipient.
  • Following that it should contain lineation for specifying date and salutation.
  • Segregate the template in three paragraphs. The first paragraph should contain space or relevant lineation to notify the decision of resignation and the date from which it shall be effective.
  • The next paragraph may contain appropriate lineation to state the reason for the resignation. It may also contain sentences thanking the employer for the experiences during employment.
  • In conclusion, spaces for enumerating assistance related details that may be offered to aid the company with the transition has to be provided. Provision for specifying the transaction of dues (if any) may also be allotted in this paragraph.
  • The letter template must have provision at the end for the sender to acknowledge it.

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