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By | November 3, 2010

Dear Well Wisher,

The Marathon Walk will highlight the number of destitute and poor children in our country who deprived of basic means of life – food, clothing and shelter together with education and the St.Margaret’s Charitable Trust’s proposed plan of action in fulfilling this gap   This year’s Marathon Walk is a proposed campaign – like a 10 mile walk across Derbyshire will be held on Sunday, the 31st October 2010.

This event requires a tremendous commitment from walkers, no matter young or old, who not only prepare for months to have the stamina to complete this event, but also raise a minimum of GBP100 in donations just to participate.

This year, I am walking and I have made this commitment and need your help to meet my goal of GBP500, so that I can participate.

Dear Well Wisher, by giving to the Marathon Walk, you will be supporting St.Margaret’s Charitable Trust and helping them provide education, food, clothing and shelter

There are many organizations out there fundraising for worthy causes, but I hope that you will donate to St.Margaret’s Charitable Trust and help them to achieve their objective of helping a noble cause.

Please take this opportunity to support the Marathon Walk/your donation will do so much to help the needy and destitute boys and girls.

Thank you,



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