Rental Lease Termination Letter Template

By | November 15, 2012


________________ [recipient’s full name]

________________ [title of the recipient in lease]

________________ [recipient’s full official address]

Date: ___________ [enter the date]

Subject:  rental lease termination letter

Respected _______________ [write surname/name of recipient]

I, _________ [you need to give sender’s name here] am writing this letter to bring to your notice that ________________ [mention why you are writing this letter]. We want to terminate the rental lease agreement formed between you ______ [title of the recipient] and us _______ [mention title of the sender] because _______________ [mention the reason for the termination of the rental lease]. This lease was regarding ______________ [mention the type of lease] and was entered on _________ [mention date of rental lease commencement].

As per the terms of the lease arrangement, _____________ [enter the relevant information] and thus we have taken this decision with the knowledge that ________________ [mention relevant information].

We expect you to ________________ [mention the expectations of the sender with the recipient] and dissolve the rental lease from __________ [mention date of termination] onwards. If you have any further queries, questions or doubts, then please feel free to contact us on _____________[mention the contact number of the sender] or email to us on _____________[mention email address of the sender].

Good luck,

Yours faithfully

______________ [here, signature of sender must be done]

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