Rental Lease Agreement Letter

By | July 7, 2014


_________________ [enter name of the recipient/tenant]

_________________ [full correspondence address of the recipient]

Date: _____________ [date on which letter was written in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: ________________ [the subject must be short and crisp, stating the purpose of letter]

__________________ [give the formal salutation in a couple of words]

I, ______________ [give name of the sender/landlord here], the LANDLORD of the property located at ______________ [give the full address of the rental property] am writing this letter to you to __________ [give the purpose of writing the letter]. This rental lease agreement talks about __________ [give the relevant information here] and I hope that you agree to its terms and conditions, which are given below:

Date of commencement of lease: ___________ [give the date on which the lease will start]

Date of termination of lease: ______________ [give the date on which the lease will terminate]

Rent per month: __________ [give the rent amount per month]

Property type/use: ___________ [give the nature of property: residential/commercial etc.]

Terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • I, the LANDLORD agree to rent the property to you, the TENANT for a period of _________ [give the time period for which the property has been given for rent].
  • The facilities that will be included in rent per month are __________ [give facilities].
  • In case of late payment of fee, you shall be charged _________[give late payment fee]

If you agree to the terms, kindly ____________ [give relevant content]

Thanking you,


_______________ [name of the sender of the letter]

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