Reference Recommendation Letter Template

By | August 22, 2012


_________________________ [name of the recipient]

_________________________ [job post of the recipient]

_________________________ [company name of the recipient]

_________________________ [official address of the recipient]

Date: _______ [enter the date of writing letter]

Subject: Reference Recommendation Letter                                                                              

Respected ____________ [write the proper salutation]

I, _________________ [enter name of the sender], the _______ [mention the title or job post] of ___________ [mention the company/organisation name of the sender], am writing this letter to you to _______________ [mention the purpose of writing the letter]. I am writing this reference recommendation letter for _____________ [enter name of person] who I have known through _________ [mention the source through which sender knows the person who is being recommended]. Our association spans back to __________ [mention the year of first correspondence] and through this time, I have discovered that ______ [he/she] is a___________ [enter the qualities, skills and other personality attributes] person. I am sure _______ [he/she] will not let you down and will be able to ___________ [enter the duties and responsibilities that the person will be able to handle].

This ________ [enter job post/position/course name] is a perfect setting for _______ [name of person]. As a _______ [enter job post of sender], I can assure you of ____ [his/her] brilliance.

Hope to hear a positive response

Yours faithfully

______________________ [name of the sender]

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