Reference Letter Template for Friend

By | May 16, 2012


__________ [Name of the recipient]

_________ [Name of the organization of recipient]

____________ [Address of the recipient]

Date: _______ [dd/ mm/ yy]

Subject: Reference letter

I am writing this letter to recommend ___________ [name of the person you are recommending] for ______________ [the purpose like college admission or job application for which you are recommending the person]. I have known ____ [Name of the person] since past _________ [Duration for which you have known] months/ years.

________ [Name of the person] is _________________[ write about the qualities and capabilities of the person]. I am sure that he will always work very hard to achieve success. He has always _____________ [Mention some professional qualities of the person by citing some professional examples].

I recommend __________ [name of the person] and I am sure that he’ll prove as an asset to your [organization / institution].


__________ [Name of the sender]

__________ [Designation of sender]

__________ [name and address of the organization]

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