Recognize and Thank a Speaker Letter Template

By | November 3, 2010

Dr Angela Bredman


Department of Bio Chemistry

Trent University


Dear Professor

Your Speech on Bio Foods

We thank you very much for the time taken on our behalf amidst your preoccupations to come and deliver a valuable speech on the captioned subject on Monday the 25th October 2010 at our University Auditorium.

Your speech was indeed a very provocative and inspiring to everyone who attended the function especially the students of this University. The various and salient features which you patiently described was so interesting to hear that almost every student got inspired to initiate voluntarily to combat the large scale pollution that was taking place due to nature affecting many of the people of this country and the whole world.

We solicit your august presence to our University quite frequently to give such inspirational lecture for the benefit of the masses and our students to pursue welfare measures voluntarily and give a clarion call to students of other universities in the country and spread the word to everyone across the globe.

Thank you once again and with warm regards,

Sincerely yours

Head, Deptt. Of  Chemistry

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