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By | March 3, 2011

Mr. Rajan Sinha

Human Resources Officer

Kolkata Publications

Bramhachari Street, Kolkata 700 017

January 16, 2011

Mr. Tamila Chattopadhyay


Kolkata Publications

Dear Mr. Chattopadhyay,

I am pleased to announce to you that one of your colleagues, Mr. Tamra Bhat has been promoted as news editor.  He will replace the current news editor who is also being promoted as associate editor.

Mr. Bhat has been a reporter with this company for fifteen years.  As a news reporter, he has a vast experience and knowledge in gathering and writing news in and out of the country.  He has covered many significant events.  His excellent coverage has been recognized several times by award-giving organizations due to his courageous coverages and great sense for detail.  He has attended many trainings here and abroad which have prepared him well for a job as news editor.

Please join us in welcoming Mr.  in a celebration dinner next week on the first day of his work.

Truly yours,

Mr. Rajan Sinha



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