Participate in a Project Letter Template

By | November 3, 2010

The Research and Development Manager

Nuclear Research Laboratory


Dear Sir;

Participation in R&D Project Work

I am a student of Nuclear Science from Nottingham Trent University, pursuing M.Sc. in Nuclear Science and am in the final year study.

As apart of curriculum, I am required to undergo training/take up a project related to my specialization and hence, I am approaching you to kindly permit me to do a project in any field in this particular specialization.

I wish to assure you that I shall maintain absolute secrecy of the department’s working and will not reveal any matter to anyone even within my family members during or even after the project is completed. Besides, I am also interested to contribute my knowledge to as well as learn from your organization without expecting to be monetarily compensated. If I am permitted to do the project in your department, it will greatly help me in discharging my obligations towards completing my post-graduation program and hence earnestly request you to accord permission.

Thank you

Very truly yours

Mary Rothman


Endorsement of head of the department

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