Medical School Admission Letter

By | June 16, 2014


_______________ [name of the recipient]

_______________ [contact address of the recipient]

Date: _____________ [date in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: ________________________ [write the subject of the letter in a brief statement]

Dear ____________[ name of the recipient]

This letter is regarding your admission to the medical school _____________ [give the name of the medical school] in the course ___________ [give the name of the course in the medical school]. We received your admission application on ____________ [give the date on which admission application was received] and after careful examination of your __________ [give the details of documents which were examined], we have come to the decision of _____________ [give the decision of the medical school regarding the admission of the candidate].

We have taken this decision on the basis of _____________ [give the basis on which the admission is granted]. Your grades in __________ [give subject name] and your performance in ________ [give field] has particularly impressed us and therefore we think that you will be a suitable candidate for this course of the batch __________ [give batch number of batch year].  The classes shall be starting from ___________ [give the date on which the medical school classes shall be starting] and you are expected to be present at ___________ [give the time on which the candidate must report]. We hope that you will ___________ [give the hopes and expectations of medical school from the candidate].

This medical school stands for _________ [give relevant information in this space] and you are one of the few who get to experience the _________ [give relevant information.

Looking forward to having you as a student

____________ [give name of the sender, with designation and name of the medical school]

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