Letter of Intent Template

By | May 16, 2012


___________ [Name of the recipient]

___________ [Designation and name of the organization of recipient]

___________ [Address of the organization]

Date: ________ [dd/ mm/ yy]

Subject: Letter of intent

Dear _____ [name of the recipient with appropriate salutation]

Kindly consider this letter as confirmation to your and our mutual intentions _____________ [write about the transaction or mutual decision]. This document cannot be considered as an enforceable legal contract and it only highlights the agreed terms and conditions with our mutual consent.

The principal terms for the proposed decision would include _________________ [Write about the terms and conditions that both the parties agreed to in reference to the above discusses transaction or decision]. The aggregate consideration for this transaction would be $ ________ [Write the amount fixed for the transaction or business purchase being referenced in this letter].

If you accept the above mentioned terms, kindly revert back with signed copy of attached terms and conditions.


________ [Name of the sender]

________ [Designation and organization of the sender]

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