Landlord Tenant Acceptance Letter

By | May 12, 2014


________ [name of the recipient of the letter]

________ [address of the recipient of the letter]

Date: _________ [give date in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: __________________ [give the subject of the letter]

___________________________ [Give the salutation]

I, ______________ [name of the sender], the LANDLORD am writing this letter to accept the tenancy application sent by you to me on ____________ [give the date on which tenancy application was received in dd/mm/yy format]. After thoroughly going through your application, I found that _____________ [give relevant information] and decided that you are a suitable tenant for this property which is situated at ___________________ [give the address of the property which is up for tenancy]. I hope that my decision of choosing you as a tenant will not be proved wrong.

As discussed in the tenancy terms, ______________________________ [give some of the tenancy terms and details here]. These terms are legally binding and hence must not be violated under any circumstances. The facilities offered to you as a tenant includes ___________ [give the facilities which are included with the tenancy]. The rent that you would have to pay per month is ________________ [give the total rent to be paid per month by the tenant to the landlord]. If you are late in making the payment then______________ [give the result of not making payment on time].

I am looking forward to having you as a tenant for the next__________ [give the time period of tenancy]. I hope that ____________________ [give relevant information].

Thanking you


_________________ [name of the landlord]

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