Job Offer Acceptance Letter

By | May 26, 2014


________ [enter name of recipient of the letter]

________ [enter designation of recipient in company]

________ [enter the name of the company]

________ [enter the full official address of the company]

Date:    _________ [dd/mm/yy-date of sending the letter]

Subject: __________________ [give the core subject of the letter in not more than one sentence]

___________________________ [give formal salutation here]

I, ____________ [give the name of the sender of the letter] am writing this letter to you to thank you for offering me the job of ____________ [give the job position or job title] in your reputed and prestigious company]. I am fortunate to have bagged this opportunity and would gladly like to accept this job offer.  Your company is ______________ [give a short praising description of the company] and it is my privilege to ________________ [give relevant information or content here].

As mentioned in my CV and cover letter, I completed my education from ___________ [give relevant information about the educational qualifications of the sender]. I have previously worked at ______________ [give relevant information about the work experience of the sender] and thus have ample amount of experience in _____________ [give relevant information]. I am sure that I will be able to _______________ [give relevant content] and live up to the name of this organization.

I shall be joining the office from ___________ [give the date in dd/mm/yy format], as mentioned in the job offer letter and would be present on time.

Thanking you once again for this opportunity,

Yours faithfully,


_________________ [name of the sender]

_________________ [contact details of the sender]

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