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By | November 3, 2010

Mr. Richardson Douglas,

101, Greendale Towers,                                                                                                              Copernicus Road,

New Castle NC45GB

Dear Mr. Douglas

Re: Introducing Charles Nixon

I am writing to introduce you to Charles Nixon, who joined our company recently. He  will be officiating me in my absence for the next three months and is responsible for all the activities I was hitherto handling as Sales Manager.

Nixon was earlier working with our competitor for 7 years and have built a wonderful track record and has now taken position to enlarge our market share with his expertise and knowledge together with high level contacts with almost our existing clients as well as clients of his previous employer.

He has done his MBA from Trent University and is backed by a total of 20 years’ experience in the same industry and hence I am confident that he will be able to carve a niche in our organization. I assure you that he would be able to meet your every need at every hour.

He is now in the process of taking over and very shortly, he should be coming to meet you personally and I am sure you will like to meet him.

Thank you


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