Income Tax Appeal Letter Template

By | October 30, 2012


_________________ [here, name of recipient is to be written]

________________ [here, title or position of recipient is to be written]

________________ [mention the name of the department in income tax office]

________________ [mention the official address of the recipient here]

Date: ___________ [give the date on which letter is written]

Subject:  income tax appeal letter

Respected _______________ [please provide the salutation here]

I, _________ [please provide name of the sender in this blank space] have written this letter to your ______ [enter the name of the department] department of _______ [enter the income tax office name or branch] to ______________ [mention the reason for writing the letter]. I want to make an income tax appeal regarding ____________ [mention the exact appeal here] and would like to remind you that ___________ [mention the relevant information here]. I am making this appeal because ____________ [mention the reason for making the income tax appeal] and hope that you will consider it as soon as possible.

I am __________ [give a brief description of the sender] who is working as a ________ [mention the work description of the sender] at_________ [mention name of company/organization]. I really hope that you will look into this appeal and reply soon.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

______________ [please provide official signature of sender]

______________ [contact number of the sender]

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