High School Appeal Letter Template

By | March 8, 2013


_____________________ [Name of the School Authority]

_____________________ [Designation]

_____________________ [Name of the School]

_____________________ [Address Line I]

_____________________ [Address Line II]

Date: __ __/ __ __/ __ __ __ __

Sub: ____________________ [mention the kind of appeal]

Dear _____________________ [Sir/Madam],

I am ___________ [name of the student] and currently studying in ___________ [mention the standard and section in which the sender is studying] of your school. I am writing this letter to you for putting forth my appeal for ____________________ [mention the reason for appeal].

I have always been a sincere student throughout my academic career. I am currently_____________________________ [specify the current problems being faced by the student].I would thus kindly request you to _________________ [specify the actions that the student is requesting for] .This will help me in _______________________ [mention the ways in which the specific action for which the sender is appealing might help the sender].

Kindly consider my situation and accept my appeal. I hope you wouldn’t turn down my request. I would be eagerly looking forward to hearing from you. Please let me know if any other information is needed from my side. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully,

___________________ [Name]

___________________ [Standard]

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