General Condolence Letter template

By | April 23, 2012


________________ [name of the recipient]

________________________________ [Address of the recipient]

Dated: _______________ [dd/mm/yy format]

Dear _______________ [first name of the recipient],

It is tragic to know that your ____________________ [relation of the recipient with the deceased] passed away on _______________ [date of death] due to _______________ [illness from which the deceased was suffering]

I regret that I never got to meet him but I have a heard a lot about him. He always came across as a _________________________ [describe in details the characteristics of the deceased]. I understand that you were very close to him as you had mentioned ________________________ [kind of relation the recipient had with the deceased].

It is a great loss for you that you do not have him by your side now. Let us be strong and pray for the peace of his soul. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you.

Yours sincerely,

____________________  [name of the sender]



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