Friendly Letter Template

By | May 16, 2012


___________ [Recipient’s Name]

_______________ [Address line 1]

_______________ [Address line 2]

Dear _____________ [Recipient’s first name]

I am fine here and hope that you must also be in best of your health. It’s been a long time around ______ [write the duration] that we saw each other and I am really missing you these days.

When we were kids we used to _________________ [write about some things or activities which you used to do with your friend] but now ____________________ [write about current situation and problems that you face when you are not with your friend.] I really miss those old days.

I am writing this letter to ____________ [Write about the purpose of the letter in a friendly way]. I hope you’ll understand and ___________________ [write about what you want your friend to do in the matter you wrote above as the purpose of the letter]

See you soon.

Your friend,

____________ [Sender’s name]




Friendship Letters

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