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By | November 3, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Janet Daniel has worked for me as a Resident Manager for the past 3 years. Her responsibilities comprised leasing, inspecting apartments, hiring maintenance staff, taking tenants complaints, ensuring common areas look presentable besides tracking the property budget.

During her employment here, she created an amazing impact on the appearance and financial turn around at the property. The property was almost bankrupt when Janet took over. She turned things around almost immediately, and as a result we are expecting our second year of surplus.

Janet is highly respected by her co-workers for her willingness to help anyone anytime she can. She has been instrumental to help instituting new company-wide cost saving procedures. She is very well organized, diligent in her paperwork, easily accessible and was always punctual.

Janet has real leadership potential. I would highly recommend her for any senior management role in any organization

General Manager (Corporate Affairs)



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