Formal condolence letter template

By | April 23, 2012


__________________ [name of the recipient]

________________ [designation of the recipient]

___________________ [organization in which the recipient is working]

____________________________ [office address line 1]

____________________________ [office address line 2]

Respected Mr. /Mrs. ___________ [last name of the recipient with appropriate salutation before it]

This letter is to convey my condolences for the tragic death of ______________ [name of the deceased], the _______________ [designation of the deceased] on ____________ [date of passing away]. I understand that it must be a terrible loss for your organization.

________________ [name of the deceased] was an amazing professional who had ___________________ [business ties of the deceased with the sender]. He was a kind, hard working gentleman.

Such an amazing human being like him will be missed by all of us. Let us all join hands and pray for his journey abode.

Yours sincerely,

______________ [name of the sender]

________________ [designation of the sender]

________________ [organization in which the sender is working]

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