Employment Recommendation Letter Template

By | May 16, 2012


___________ [Name of the recipient]

___________ [Name of the company of the recipient]

_____________ [Address of the recipient]

Date: _______ [date on which letter is sent in dd/ mm/ yy format]

Subject: Employment recommendation letter

Dear ________ [Write the proper salutation for recipient]

I am writing this letter to recommend _____________ [Name of the candidate]. He has worked for our organization _______________[name of the organization] for around ____[duration for which the candidate served the organization] months.

During his tenure he grew from ____________[designation on which the candidate initially joined the organization] to ____________ [designation on which he reached during his tenure]. He is ________________[mention some professional qualities of the candidate].I am sure that he will always work very hard and put his full efforts into the assignments assigned to him.

I wish good luck to _________[Name of the candidate] for all his future endeavors.


______________ [Sender name]

_______________ [Sender’s designation]

_______________ [Name of the organization]



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