Employment Offer Letter Template

By | May 16, 2012


_________ [Name of the recipient]

__________ [Address of the recipient]

Date: ________ [date in dd /mm/ yy format]

Subject: Employment offer letter

Dear _______ [Write salutation for the recipient]

This is to inform you that with reference to your job application and the job interview that you had with our organization _______ [write the name of the company] _____ [write about the time when the candidate appeared for the interview] days back, we are pleased to offer you the position of ________ [write about the designation that you want to offer to the candidate].

You are requested to confirm about joining within ______ [write the duration in which candidate is required to revert back for job confirmation].  On confirmation you are required to join the company before _______ [write the due date for joining].

Congratulations for getting this job.


__________ [Name of the sender]

_______________ [Sender’s designation]

_______________ [Name of the organization]

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