Employee Recommendation Letter Template

By | August 22, 2012



[Company letterhead or logo]


_____________________ [name of the recipient of the letter]

_____________________ [Designation of recipient of letter]

_____________________ [official Address of the recipient]

Date: _______________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Sub: recommendation letter for ________________ [Name of the employee]

Dear _____________________ [name of recipient]

This is an employee recommendation letter that I, ___________ [name of the sender] am writing for ______________ [name of the employee for whom recommendation is being made].  _______________ [name of employee] has worked for my company _____________ [name of the company] for ___________ [mention the time period] at the position of _____________ [mention the job position at which the employee worked]. I am extremely confident that ___ [he/she] will be able to do complete justice to your reputed organisation ______________ [name of the recipient’s organisation/company] by working at the job position of ____________ [mention the job position for which the employee has applied for in the recipient’s company].

___________ [name of employee] is _________________ [mention the various skills and qualifications of the employee] and will be an asset to your company. I recommend _______ [him/her] and am sure that ____________________ [assurance given by the sender to the recipient]. Hope __ [he/she] gets the job.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully,

___________________ [Name]

______________________ [Official signature]

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