Donation Letter Templates

By | May 16, 2012

Donation letter is specifically used for the purpose of requesting for funding and this is essentially done by non-profit organizations. Hence, it is important that there is special attention given to the donation letter templates. There should be appropriate provisions made within the template so that all necessary details can be provided. These are generally addressed to business organizations, institutions and even individuals.

Firstly, it must be assured that there is sufficient space provided for the sender’s address to be written on the left hand corner. Below this at the right hand corner, there must be space given for the name of the recipient to be written.

The content portion of the letter is essential. There must be segregation made wherein separate rows are added for donation amount, purpose for donation etc.

Lastly, a space for the note of thanks must be added as well as room for signature/seal of the sender/NGO.

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