Dentist Recommendation Letter Template

By | August 22, 2012


_________________________ [name of the recipient]

_________________________ [title/post/position of the recipient]

_________________________ [name of work organisation/centre of the recipient]

_________________________ [official address of the recipient]

Date: __/__/__ [enter the current date in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: dentist recommendation letter for _____________ [name of person for whom recommendation is being made]

Respected ____________ [write the proper salutation]

Hello. I ________________ [mention name of dentist/sender with title] am extremely ______ [enter a suitable emotion] to recommend to you _____________ [name of the person being recommended] for ______________ [mention the reason for which the person is being recommended] in________________ [mention the organisation/centre/institute name for which recommendation is given]. I know __________ [mention the name of the person being recommended] since ____________ [mention the time period/year] and have examined _______ [him/her] on __________ [mention date of examination]. The results of the examination are _____________ [mention the detailed examination results] and this means that ______ [he/she] can be completely recommended.

I am a ____________ [mention the qualifications or title of the dentist/sender] and am working at ____________ [mention the clinic/hospital name of dentist/sender] since __________ [mention the number of years/time period]. Thus it is in my authority to pass this recommendation. Hope _________ [name of person being recommended] is selected.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

______________________ [mention the name of the sender]

______________________ [title of the sender]

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