Dental School Acceptance Letter

By | May 19, 2014


________ [give the name of the recipient here]

________ [give the address of the recipient here]

Date:    _________ [give date of the letter here in dd/mm/yy format]

Subject: __________________ [give the proper subject of the letter which defines the purpose of the letter]

___________________________ [here, the salutation must come]

This letter is in reference to your dental school application letter which was received by us on ________ [give the date on which the letter was received in dd/mm/yy format]. After carefully going through_____________ [give the names of the documents that were sent], we have come to the conclusion of accepting your application for the ___________________ [give the name of the dental school program] for the batch ________ [give the batch detail or years]. We hope that you will prove worthy of this acceptance letter and ________ [give relevant information].

This program shall be starting from __________ [give the date of course commencement in dd/mm/yy format] and you are expected to be present for the orientation ceremony at __________ [give the time of orientation ceremony] in ___________ [give the venue details]. During the course of this dental school program you will be taught______________ [give the gist of the topics that the course will cover]. After successful completion of the course, you will be awarded _________ [give relevant information].

____________ [give the name of the dental school] is a reputed and respected dental school which works on the principle of ___________ [give the principle]. We expect you to keep up to the name of the institution.

Good luck and do well,

Thanking you

_________________ [name of the sender]

__________________ [designation of the sender]

_____________________ [name of the dental school]

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