Debt Settlement Letter Template

By | July 3, 2013


_______________ [name of the recipient, creditor’s name]

_______________ [designation/job post of the recipient]

_______________ [name of the company/recipient’s address]

Date: __________  [mention the date in which the letter is written]

Subject: Debt settlement letter

Respected Mr. __________ [salutation]

I am _____________ [mention the name of the sender] and I am writing to you in reference to the account number _____________ [mention the account number of the sender]. Through this letter, I wish to show my interest to settle the delinquent amount of debt that I owe to your company _______________ [mention the name of the sender’s company]. I am requesting for this debt settlement as ______________________________ [mention the reason for which the sender is requesting for the debt settlement].

I am putting off my sincere efforts to settle the debts at the convenient terms for both of us. I request you to kindly cooperate with me in this regard and settle my debt at __________$ [mention the amount] or at some convenient percentages. Also, I request you to kindly remove the charge-offs, late payments, ___________ [mention some of the requests for the debt settlement] from my credit bureau.

I look forward for your cooperation in the debt settlement proceedings. If any other information is needed from my side you can please contact me on ___________ [mention sender’s contact details].

Thanking you!


____________ [name of the sender]

____________ [sender’s address]

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