Debt Payment Agreement Letter

By | June 13, 2014


______________ [enter the name of the recipient in this space]

______________ [enter the full correspondence address of the recipient this space]

______________ [enter the date of writing the letter here]

Subject: ________________ [enter a brief subject of the letter here]

[A formal salutation must come here]

I, ____________ [enter the name of the sender of the letter here], the DEBTOR am writing this letter to you, the LENDER to ___________ [give the exact purpose of writing the letter here]. I agree for the payment of the debt for ________ [give the total amount of debt that the DEBTOR has to pay to the LENDER] on an agreement basis. According to this agreement, I am supposed to __________ [give the brief of the debt payment agreement here]. For further details of the agreement, kindly read the following terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions of debt payment agreement:

  • The DEBTOR agrees to ____________ [give relevant information here] and the LENDER will ____________ [give relevant information here].
  • The DEBTOR shall be paying off the debt in _____________ [give the time period within which the debtor has to pay the complete debt].
  • In case of default or violation of this agreement, ____________ [give the consequences of violation of the agreement].

If you agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions of the debt payment agreement, kindly _____________ [give the relevant content here]. This agreement has been framed using legal assistance and is completely legally binding in nature.

Thanking you,


_______________ [name of the sender of the letter must come here]

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