Customer Appreciation Letter Template

By | March 1, 2012


______________ [recipient name]                                         Date: _________ [dd/mm/yy]

______________ [address line 1]

______________ [address line 2]

Store account number: _________________ [customer’s reference number]

Subject: Customer Appreciation Letter

Dear _________________ [recipient salutation]

This letter is a small token of our appreciation for your invaluable and lasting association with _______________ [store name]. You have been an integral part of our clientele for the last ____________ [association period]. Now, that we have reached the important milestone of our association; we would like to express our gratitude to valuable customers like you by offering you ______________ [special offer/store credit]. This offer can be redeemed at any of our branches between ______________ [date] to _______________ [date], during normal store timings.

We hope that you will continue rewarding us with your presence and your trust in our brand. We look forward to have you at our store again. Thanking you,

______________ [sender name]

_______________ [sender’s designation]

_______________ [store name]

________________ [location/address]

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