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By | April 23, 2012

Cover letter templates are documents that present a pre-developed layout for containing the specific features of a certain document and compiling it in the form of a short formal letter, to provide an overview of the actual document. Cover letter is generally a brief synopsis that reviews the important and significant points of some written material and is enclosed along with that particular document. Hence, the template should have a structure that will compile the essential points of the corresponding document.

Since sample cover letters will vary with the nature of the document attached along with it, the templates should be designed in a manner that they contain enough spaces to include the necessary particulars. A few noteworthy points that can be considered for designing proper cover letter templates are:

Summary: The primary feature of a cover letter is the effective summary of the document and the template should provide a proper outline to bring out the feature effectively. The summary should be complete, brief, and informative.

Specificity: Cover letter templates should be structured in such a way that they can remain specific to the purpose, thereby including details that are significant and worth including in a professional cover letter.

Readability: An important criterion of these templates is that they should be of such a pattern that can be easily read and understood by everybody.

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