Counter Proposal Letter Template

By | September 29, 2010

Dear Ms. Monroe,


I received your business proposal on the construction of the west wing building in State Hospital for the benefit of children with HIV.  The Board of Directors deliberated on your proposal and they were impressed.  However, we have seen that there are several points that you need to complete first before the members of the Board decide on its approval.

The members of the Board suggested on the following as counter proposal to your business ideas.

1.Provide at least five proposals from construction suppliers.  The supplier who will win the bidding will be awarded of the construction requirements.

2.Include all the names of the proposed incorporators who will run the West Wing.  Also attach their qualifications for the deliberation of the Board.

3.Include the specific determination on how award free hospital and treatment services to children with HIV—financial background of the family, etc.

Please remember that the project will cost at roughly $2 million USD and proper precautions should be taken.  Once the counter proposal was satisfied, it is only then that you will receive the Board’s final approval. Thank you!

Truly yours,

Mr. Arnold Bayle


Appropriation Committee

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