Contract Variation Letter Template

By | April 23, 2012

_____________________ [name of the sender organization]

___________________________ [office address of the sender organization]


_____________________ [insert the name of the recipient]

_____________________________  [insert the address of the recipient]

___________________ [insert the date of writing the letter]

__________________________ [insert the subject for writing the letter]

Dear ____________________ [first name of the recipient],

This letter is in regards to the contract that you have entered into with our organization on __________________ [date of entering into the contract]. We have decided make few changes in the contract.

There were few terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. We have decided to make some amendments in the  terms and conditions. As per the new amendments __________________________ [mention in details the changes made in the terms and conditions].

Please let us know if you are fine with the new terms and conditions or if you want any other changes.

Yours sincerely,

______________________ [name of the sender]

________________________ [designation of the sender]

________________________  [name of the sender organization]

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