Contract Cancellation Letter Template

By | April 23, 2012


_______________ [name of the recipient]

______________________ [Address line 1 of the recipient]

________________________ [Address line 2 of the recipient]

Dated: __________________ [date of writing the letter]

Subject: ___________________ [mention that you want to cancel the contract]

Respected __________________ [first name of the recipient],

This letter is in regards to the contract that you hold with us for ______________________ [the type of service provided as per the contract]. The contract beginning date was ________________ [date on which the contract started] and was valid till ________________ [date of expiry of the contract].

We would like to inform you that _____________________ [the reason for cancelling the contract] and that is why we have decided to cancel the contract on _____________________ [contract cancellation date].

As per the contract either of the parties have to serve a notice period of one month if they want to cancel contract prior to expiry date so the notice period begins from_________[ date on which the notice period starts].

In case of any further query please let us know.


__________________ [name of the contract holder]

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