Contract Appointment Letter Template

By | April 23, 2012


__________________ [name of the recipient]

____________________________ [office address line 1 of the recipient]

____________________________ [office address line 2 of the recipient]

Dated: ____ ____________ [date of writing the letter]

Subject: Appointment letter for contract

Dear __________________ [name of the recipient],

This is to inform you we have decided to appoint you for the contract in order to ______________________________ [kind of service to be provided by the recipient].

We were impressed by your previous work profile and so decided to hire you. The contract date begins from __________________________ [beginning date of the contract] and ends on _____________________ [expiry date of the contract]. You have to provide your service ________________ [number of days the recipient has to provide his service in a week or a month]. In exchange of your service we will be paying you _____________ [amount of remuneration].

Yours sincerely,

_________________ [name of the sender]

________________ [designation of the sender]

_________________________ [organization appointing the recipient]


Appointment Letters

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